Love me!

C’mon guys, love me. I deserve it. I’m a nice people, you’re nice people. Let’s just all love each other. Even if this is in the BBQ Pit, let’s all show some love.

JMcC from SFCA <fixed link!


Yer pal,

Hey, this is the BBQ Pit; NOT Cupid’s Corner!

So Kiss My Sassafras!-- :wink:

Confusious Say:
-Man who stand on toilet,
Is high on pot-

When you’re addressing me, the proper form is “love me, Mistress…”, you sniveling little rat-faced git. Now bend over.

Glad to oblige.
So tell me, are you a “top” or a “bottom”?

Is this an invitation to an orgy :)?

Jesus Christ, you fucking wimps, I thought I provided some great fodder for some cyber-ass-whoopin. Ya bunch of lame ass sorry tubs of monkey piss! Aseymayo, hey, how bout you bend over and call me Tin Man?!
hee, hee…

Another yawning festival…

As long as it’s not a Technicolor[TM] yawning festival.

jjtm– you’re going about this the wrong way! You have to piss people off in some way, get them riled enough to spew back at you! You just don’t know how. I do. So quit trying to fuck with my other thread you wanker! I know what you’re doing and I resent it! You big festering, walking, talking sebaceous gland!

Kisses all around!

Byzzy…it looks like he got people going, just by his OP!! :wink:

I’d put in my $.02 but I’m trying to be good. Very good. And I didn’t say “fuck” once.
Yay, me.

Byzantine wrote:

Hey! Don’t be dissin’ sebaceous glands!


This is easier than kicking a sick baby off a pisspot.

The Giants suck.

Your topic sucks.

You blow.
That goes for your mutt, too.

A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the bagpipes-but doesn’t