Love Potion #9

Got to participate in a really neat ritual today. A Wiccan friend was making a big batch of Love Potion #9 today, a much bigger batch than she usually makes, due to the 9/9/99 thing. This was the first ritual I’ve ever been actively involved in, and it was fun.

Mighty tasty stuff, too, I must say. :slight_smile:

Does the flavor compare to, say, Viagra - or lean more toward Mexican fly?

Having never tasted Viagra or Mexican Fly, I really couldn’t say. The stuff I had tasted like wine. Does Viagra or fly taste like wine? :wink:

Don’t know about Viagra or ‘fly’, but have you seen the slogan for Starburst candy lately? “Rock hard all summer” !!!

Thinkin’ about runnin’ down to Costco to buy a case of Starburst…

Did it smell like turpentine and look like India ink?

May I join you ladies…into one big lady? - Groucho Marx

Hmmm… Cristi, if you’re not joking, I think your friend may have been pulling your leg. For various reasons, it’s doubtful that a serious Wiccan would be creating a “love potion” in any kind of quantity, especially on a regular basis.

I have heard of “party” rituals, which are social events that aren’t expected to have much magickal effect; this may have been one of those. (I also know that charlatans sometimes sell potions, and that high-school-age witch-wannabes make them when attempting to catch a chosen cutie. But I’m not implying that either of these applies to your friend.)

Of course, I admit that I may be completely off base here, because there are so many various Wiccan traditions. It’s just that the situation you describe is pretty far from the “mainstream” of Wicca, if there is such a thing.

Of course I don’t fit in; I’m part of a better puzzle.

Tom: Are we still discussing aphrodisiacs here?

Tom was of course referring to the old song, Love Potion #9, the lyrics of which can be found here.

Of course he was! I just thought I’d throw in a little double entendre!

AuraSeer, while my friend is a serious Wiccan, you are right in that what we did today was more of a social thing than anything else. There was a small ritual before we started mixing the wine, and a blessing over it, and like I said, it was fun. She got the recipe from Gerrida Dunwich’s (sp?) book of Wiccan Love Spells, though. My friend also explained to me that in her opinion, this was more of a “wink wink nudge nudge” love potion than anything else…tell someone it’s a love potion made by a real witch, and they’ll think it’s cool. :wink:

Does the Love Potion #9 help you get a little of the Mambo #5 going?

It only hurts when I laugh.