Love the new board and a suggestion

Love the new SDMB - searching is faster, formatting is easier, quoting is easier, smilies are easier, no more typing a post and then it disappears. Thank you everyone for making this possible.

Suggestion : Is it possible to hide the pins in the forums ? Like in GQ, there are 4 pins that you have to go through before you see a new post. Is it possible to collapse them into one, or is it possible that they auto hide once a user has read them ?

On this board, you can click the pins and unstick them yourself. Nobody can force you to keep stickies at the top any longer. ¡Viva la revolución!

And you can hide forums/categories from your preferences to make the list more manageable if you don’t want to participate all over the SDMB.

@Kron and @PlaceboTarget Thank you very much and I love the @ feature.

@am774494 I know what you mean. I am satisfied with the new digital environment too. :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh. Everything is different.

Yes, indeed. But I guess you’ll get used to the new site and enjoy it.

First, you need to choose a theme that will suit you best (in Preferences).
Then you can learn and try all the functions so that you can feel comfortable.

Most people like it here. I think.

Hi, nzingaseated!

Hey, @nzingaseated! Good to see you again.

Dung Beetle! Hey! Good to see ya!

Welcome the hell back. You’ve been missed.

But I never truly left you. I’m in your heart all along :pleading_face::heart:

Hi, there.

Hey, Irishman! I know 2020 is a new timeline cause I have never ever seen the dope change before. It was my totem to prove I’m not dreaming or some shit. Now nothing is for sure.