Loving something so much it hurts?

hey! I remember being a little kid and watching this movie over and over, it was like my favorite movie ever at the time and I loved it so much that it made me cry when I watched it. same thing happened with bands and books and art and other movies as I grew up, I just loved the thing so much it kinda hurt and it got to a point where it made me get really emotional and cry over it til I couldn’t stand it. Thank god it doesn’t happen anymore! it was awful.

I’m curious if anyone has ever felt the same way? and over what things? and most importantly, is there a name for this? what causes it? why does it happen?


I have my fav bands and fav DVD movies I never get tired of.

I have experienced this frequently. Most recently yesterday I was an absolute mess sobbing over a T.V. show storyline that was exactly what I wanted it to be.

I used to refer to it as an aesthetic experience. Reading about aesthetics, that isn’t exactly the right definition, but aesthetics does deal with emotional reactions to art.

One of my earliest memories of this type of experience is of being overwhelmed by a student production of *Orpheus and Eurydice *when I was 12 years old. I later wrote a prize-winning essay about my reaction.

At its best, art can have a very powerful emotional impact, and for young people who have not yet learned how to manage their emotions, that can be overwhelming and painful.

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My only experience with this is loving my pets so much that I deliberately rip my own heart out to euthanize them with their time comes. It’s the ultimate act of love to not allow them to suffer.

and there I go ruining discussions again… sorry…

I can’t watch “Old Yeller” any more; makes me cry too much.

I just read the article about the first female ringmaster for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and was struck by this quote: