Low blood pressure

Is there such a thing as too low blood pressure? You always hear about the ill effects of high blood pressure, but what about really low BP? I had a medical for insurance recently and mine was 80/58. That seemed low to me and the woman doing the test said it was low but not abnormal or weird or anything. Would I bleed slower than someone with higher blood pressure?

Yes, my father has it. If he stands up too fast he sometimes blacks out because the blood drains away from his brain.

Oops, on re-reading I realized you asked two questions. I don’ know if you would bleed slower.

I’ve always had low blood pressure too. I have always wondered if this was good, bad, or typical. I have also always had problems with my hands and feet falling asleep- could the two be related?

I also have a huge problem with limbs falling asleep (My legs is asleep right now, actually) and I have wondered if they were at all related. I consume vast quantities of salt, so guess that sodium isn’t doing anything to my BP. If one had to raise their BP, how would they do it?

My blood pressure is always very low when I give blood, and I have trouble occasionally feeling dizzy when I stand after sitting for a long time without changing position, but no real problems. My doctor says I should just salt my food as liberally as I want, and that may raise my blood pressure slighty. I assume that someone who has really extraordinarily low blood pressure would have problems with blacking out, and could even be denied a driver’s license. I would say, though, that if your doctor isn’t concerned, you shouldn’t be either.

My aunt (by marriage, but it’s not genetic anyway) has vascular disease, and sometimes her blood pressure reading in one arm will be different than in the other, and whenever the difference is significant, her doctor sends her in for tests.

So don’t be surprised if sometime when you blood pressure is really low, the nurse decides to take it again from the other arm.

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I’ve heard that adding salt to your diet can raise your blood pressure, but I’m not crazy about salt. I work for a group of gynos who say birth control pills can raise it, but I’ve been on the pill for years with no effect. Should we be worried? Other than the limbs falling asleep thing (glad to hear it happens to someone else!) I seem to suffer no ill effects.

If low blood pressure is normal for you, it shouldn’t cause any major problems (except for the blacking out mentioned above). What’s more important is that your blood pressure stays essentially in the same range. For example, 120/40 is an excellent BP for most people, but in a person with normally low pressure it could indicate a problem. Keep in mind that your blood pressure normally varies according to activity, stress, and even the time of day. It IS a good idea to take your blood pressure in both arms.

If you have trouble with dizziness, eat a lot of salt and drink a lot of water to build up your blood volume. Also check to be sure your ankles aren’t swollen; if they are you may have some awful blood disorder and you should see a doctor.

I have low blood pressure too and my hands are numb a lot of the time. Of course, numbness can also be a sign of vascular disease. Be especially worried if the numb extremity turns cold and blue, even for a short time.

As for bleeding, if you severed an artery you might lose blood a little more slowly than someone with high blood pressure BUT when you have such low pressure to begin with you need all the blood you can get. So, you’d feel the effects of blood loss more rapidly.

Are blood pressure and pulse rate directly related?
I used to have a pretty low pulse (45-50, at rest) and bp (low normal), but 30 yrs. and 50 lbs. later, both have gone up.
Never experienced any numbness or dizziness.

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