Low calorie "spray butter" products - Which are the best?

My personal trainer told me about these and in looking it appears there are several brands. They are about a calorie per spray.

If you use a spray butter which kind do you like?

Get the cheapest store brand kind you can find. They are all exactly the same product (canola oil and flavor). I think Wal-Mart’s is like $.89 each. If you’re having trouble finding them, go to the cooking section; they’ll be with the PAM and other spray-on non-stick cooking products.

ETA: I use these and Molly McButter toppings on my popcorn to keep a good snack low-cal. You can also get Kernel Season’s brand popcorn seasonings, a product that’s been around for a few years now; I prefer the White Cheddar.

I think I’ll try this too… and since 1 Tbs of butter is 102 calories (which is the minimum anyone should ever use) I can spray 100 or the 1 calorie blasts and still come out ahead!

I’m going to be skinny in no time!

If you’re not looking for specifically butter-flavored, and you want to limit your canola oil, Trader Joe’s sells a coconut oil spray that works for me.

Coconut oil is the worst of all possible vegetable oils, tho.

Yeah, the tropical oils aren’t the best choice. I tried the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray, then a house-brand that I think was Kroger, and couldn’t really tell the difference.

I forgot about Molly McButter-used to like it on vegetables and microwaved canned peaches (kind of a fake peach crisp with cinnamon and toasted oatmeal). Thanks for the reminder!

You can get a oil mister, and fill it with any oil you want. (You pump it with air to get the pressure)


I will also join those that say it makes about zero difference which one you get. They are all extremely similar.

What I am talking about:

The nozzle can get clogged, but otherwise I am happy with mine


A quick nitpick, each spray is about 4 calories, not just 1. They’re able to round down the calories to 0 since it’s technically less than 5 calories per serving. Just keep that in mind because the sprays can add up quickly.

Per this they say that each spray is .8 calories per spray or less than 1 which I think is the cutoff for 0 calories. Admittedly 1 spray is a fairly tiny “serving”.


Yeah, it’s the same reason a 20 oz. bottle of Diet Mountain Dew has 1 calorie, while a 12 oz. can has 0. The 20 oz. bottle nips just over the edge to 1 calorie.

Ah, now that I think about it, I may have been thinking of those individual servings of sweeteners like splenda. :smack: Can you tell I’m a bit of a dieting junkie?

Thank you for clearing up my ignorance. :slight_smile: