Low carb diet - updates?

I searched and found numerous threads on the low carb diets from the last few years. A lot of arguing, actually. Does anyone have any cites from independent research on low carb diets and chloresterol and liver damage?

I have been on Atkins for 6 months so now I do take in carbs but I just watch them. The funny thing is that if I try to cheat (like pancakes and OJ) I feel ill the rest of the day (headaches and bloated). I can’t eat more than just a few carbs or I feel bloated.

I got on this to lose 20 lbs and I have lost 14lbs. I was on the low fat for so long (20 years) that I had lost all my muscle mass. Now I feel stronger and workout harder. But I don’t know about my Chloresterol or liver. Last time I was on this I lost weight but gained 60 points on the total chloresterol. SO this time I am limiting total fat.