Low grade headaches

My poor husband has had a very frustrating low grade headache for the last five days. He’s going to see a doctor tomorrow. He gets migraines once in a while. Any thoughts about what this could be? Has anything worked for fellow sufferers?

When I’ve had those it’s turned out to be a stealth sinus infection. In fact, I need to get referred to an allergist for it, since I’ve had three in the past six months.

Have you had incoming winter weather fronts for the past week? Whenever a low pressure system approaches, I develop a hard-to-eradicate mild to moderate headache. Like right now.

We’re in New Jersey. Right now there’s about three inches of snow on the ground with more to come.

Has anything helped anyone to get pain relief? He said his prescribed meds aren’t doing much good. I feel so bad for him. :frowning:

Well, his doctor will tell him tomorrow, right?

Things that might help, couldn’t hurt, if it’s sinuses:

Drink LOTS of liquids. Hot, steamy ones are fine, but anything’s good, to prevent dehydration.
Try an ice pack on the hurting area.
A neti pot or other nasal irrigator.

I have had chronic sinus problems for decades, including actual infections. When they were bad I felt like I should lie down, but that made it worse. Sitting up gives gravity a chance, sometimes.

Last time I had a headache for 5 days in a row I must have passed out because I fell down and hit my head and wound up in the brain trauma unit of the hospital here in NJ and a year off from work (not totally a bad thing…).

I’ve gotten headaches all my life. Why is the big question of my life…

Nothing at all helped the headaches I got when I didn’t know it was a sinus infection. (No other symptoms - just the headache, so nothing was draining or anything.) I’d just come home after work and lie down in the dark. What helped, within two days, was the antibiotics they prescribed me.

Assuming he sleeps in the same room with you (I probably shouldn’t assume), but has he checked to see if his co-workers have headaches? It’s always good to check to make sure there’s no carbon monoxide or other similar issue.

Just bumping this to say that it was a sinus headache. He’s taking meds for it and should be fine.