Low maintenance ground cover?

My son bought a lot to build on. Abhors yard work, and the outside in general (he defines it as “somewhere you have to go in order to be inside somewhere else”) Have been googling around for ideas for him, found a few, but any dopers with any practical experience or knowledge in this area?

It would help to know where he is located…
But Lippia is pretty hardy.

Northwest Arkansas

Instead of mulch, my wife and I bought this stuff that looks like fake tanbark but is actually recycled tires. So far it looks great and is an excellent way to keep weeds from coming in or water from evaporating out.

We are wondering much the same thing, except a) we are in Chicago, and b) we don’t have much sun in the front yard. I want to do plants, preferably at least some of them flowering, and prefer perennials, and some variety. Any tips? Moss, ferns, funky foresty things, wildflowers would be nice, but I don’t know what would grow happily there, and preferably would fill in relatively quickly. We have grass now, but it looks crappy and patchy.


Doesn’t climb like ivy.

Pachysandra looks like a winner. Thanks all.

Phlox is good if you want a flowering cover.