Low-price airfar gurus - lend me your skills

For my daughters 10th birthday all she wants is to take her first ride on a plane. She doesn’t care where it goes.

So, I live in Richmond, VA. Is there a way to search online for the lowest flights out of RIC with no regards for destination?

Can someone please report this to get the spelling error in the title fixed?


Does it have to be a scheduled airline flight? You can probably go to a general aviation airport and hire one of the instructors to take you both up for an hour or so. If someone just wants to fly, that’s a lot more interesting than just looking out the tiny window of an airliner. You might even be able to go over your house or some other places your daughter will recognize.

Ask at a smaller airport in the area and see if any are offering the EAA’s Young Eagles program. She might get a much bigger kick out of sitting up front with a congenial pilot who wants to help kids learn about aviation, and it won’t even cost you (much, it depends).

I don’t think you really want to start her big day off with getting her shoes X-rayed and waiting in line for hours, and with you paying for it too.

Further to that: Can you be at Chesterfield Airport on December 12?