Low salt

It’s incredible what an effect salt has on blood pressure.

I question the contention that salt is necessary in prepared foods for preservation.
The amount of sodium in some items is ridiculous and the fact that low sodium chicken broth exists (without any additives) proves it’s not always necessary. How do you explain the excessive amount of salt in frozen or dried prepared foods? There’s no “water activity” there! Nay, I think the high salt content more to do with manufacturer’s ideas of what people’s tastes are, or to mask the lack of real flavor. It’s sheer laziness or cheapness.

If you’re watching your sodium intake you’re supposed to shoot for 200mg or less per serving.

PS: don’t salt your hamburger before cooking, it makes the meat tough.

Forgot what I meant to say - people who completely cut table salt out of their diet might want to consider an iodine supplement. We get the majority of our iodine from iodized table salt, and once that’s gone, goiter city!

I don’t want to be a contrarian, but I don’t use iodized salt in home cooking, avoid iodized salt packets when I’m out (hate the taste of iodine), and seem to get plenty of iodine in my diet just the same.

Not always true. Sometimes manufactured foods substitute potassium chloride for sodium chloride; not as salty tasting, but better for you (although it is remotely possible to consume too much potassium, it doesn’t result in chronic problems like high blood pressure).

Something else to watch out for that has unexpected sodium - soft drinks! I just noticed this a few days ago. Some sodas use sodium benzoate as a preservative. The sodium is just as available to your body as if it were salt, and I’ve seen as much as 50 mg for a 12-oz can. Some sodas use a different benzoate as a preservative, and there is 0 sodium in the drink. So another set of labels to pay attention to.

You guys have been very helpful. I have recently substituted water for pop and it actually makes the food taste better. My son is a pop person and I am trying to ease him off of it also.

If you haven’t already, consider investing in a water filtration pitcher, like Brita or Pur. The water tastes much better than tap water, imho, and it’s way cheaper and more eco-friendly than bottled water. We got a compact-size pitcher that fits in the refrigerator door. I keep it filled all the time, and we have cold, good-tasting water whenever we want it. I noticed my 10YO drinking a lot more water after I got the pitcher!

Unsalted butter tastes exactly the same as salted butter. (Why they make salted butter is beyond me.)

Salted butter won’t spoil as fast.

Unsalted green beans and other canned veggies - as mentioned upthread - should be readily available in a regular grocery store, such as Giant Eagle where the OP lives. Regular canned green beans have ~390mg of sodium per 1/2 cup serving while the “no salt added” have ~10mg.

Unfortunately they’re not always available at places like Marc’s (our local discount shopping store), Aldi or Sam’s Club :frowning:

When shopping for frozen veggies make sure you aren’t buying one of the new mixes like broccoli & cheese sauce or corn & butter sauce. That is pretty much veggies & a cup of salt.

Here’s some charts on sodium in food. Altho…I’m not sure how they got 38,000mg of sodium in 100g of salt…?

A salt molecule consists of one atom of sodium and one atom of chlorine. The atomic weight of sodium is 22.98977, and that of chlorine is 35.453. Thus, salt is about 39.34% sodium by weight, so 100g of salt would contain about 39,340 milligrams of sodium. 38,000 mg is off by about 3.4%.

I guess I can forget about getting it down. I was in today and the dr. said it was 165/100. Now I am on an extra medication.

I wouldn’t forget about it - I’d still work on sodium and weight reduction. Hell, I AM still working on sodium and weight reduction! :slight_smile:

At 5’10" and 128 lbs, i don’t need weight reduction!

BigBertha, is he concerned at all because of a lack of family history (and the fact you’re a healthy, even under, weight?)

She. Well, my parents both had high blood pressure when they were over 70 and both also had strokes (my mom because she didn’t take her medicine).
She also wants me off my low dose bc pill, which I am not happy about, but can understand. I can only pray its not needed anymore.

Which would be accounted for by iodine and other trace elements.

Depending on what causes the bad taste (if any) of the local tap water, merely having it in pitchers before you drink it will improve it.

If I was in the Balearic Islands, where tap water is treated sea water, that wouldn’t work (the impurities giving it the bad taste are not volatile). But in Seville, where the problem is too much chlorine (volatile), just having a pitcher of cold water in the fridge eliminates the bad taste.

Ah, gotcha.

Ah! Thanks for the tip. Around here butter never lasts long enough to spoil.