low urine pressure

Why might someone’s uninary pressure decrease. I’m a male in my early twenties and have recently noticed that the flow is much slower than it was a couple months ago.

Try prostate problems. If the prostate expands, it will put pressure on the urethra. Possible causes: gonorrhea, cancer, diet, sudden decrease in sex after an active life style. The last you can handle, the first two require medical attention. Diet: certain foods stimulate semen production, increasing sexual desire. I find vitamin C does the trick for me. Diagnosing this might take some thinking as to what you changed in your diet. Sonoscopy of the area will show what is blocking the urethra and the doctor may even be able to give the reason for the change from the sonogram. This is non-intrusive and fast. Good luck.

One guess is an elarged prostate pressing on the urethra. This can be due to cancer or gonorrhea which requires medical attention. A non-invasive sonoscopy is used to make the diagnosis. A sudden sharp decrease in semen usage or increase in semen production (protein and vitamin C are two foods that affect production in my experience) can also affect it. I would advise a medical check-up to be sure though.

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It can also be associated with high blood pressure (although I am not sure why).

Rather than offer medical advice (since it is something that pertains to you and not a generic question), I’d suggest you get a physical and mention it to your physician. 20s is usually a bit early for either prostate problems or hypertension, but then, that would indicate an early diagnosis would be most appropriate.

It could be you’re not drinking as much liquids as you were a month ago (or loosing them some other way… perspiration, phlegm from a cold, etc…).

If the color is dark yellow, you’re not drinking enough. You should be running clear most of the time. Drink more and see if that helps.

Other than that: diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate enlargement (with many possible causes), occlusions (from diseases, infections, stones, etc…). You should get some blood work.

Although, you might want to try temporarily pinching the flow (at the head, as it were) and let the pressure from your squeezing bladder build up. This extra pressure might push back and open up any type of physical blockage. This just might be enough if there is no other underlying cause (which you need to get blood work for anyway, just to make sure).


“No, not a Uhuralogist, you Treknonerd, a urologist.”

Have been told that low urine pressure could be a sign of kidney stones. Ask your doc to look into that possibility.