Lower garment perils

Disaster! My mighty belly has EXPLODED the button from my shorts! A simple zip now stands between the world and my underpants. Being as I am at work, there is no chance of change or repair. I’m scared.



kabbes - get thee to the Duct Tape Thread

Isn’t friday “casual day” where you work?

[li] Unbend a paper clip - slip it through through the fabric where the button was, and loop the other part through the buttonhole. Twist ends away from you so you do not stab yourself (don’t hug anyone too closely, either!).[/li][li] Untuck shirt so it hangs over pants.[/li][li] Do not slouch.[/li][li] Act like nothing is wrong.[/li][li] Thank the deities that the zipper is still intact.[/li]
Use a large enough paperclip and you will allow yourself extra breathing room at the wistband.

Do not forget to scotch tape the button to your wallet, so you can make the repair when you get home.

Kabbes bellydance
Undulating ab puissiance
Cool! Red underooos.

I love you guys

I feel your pain. The same thing happened to me today…

I’m a teacher. None of my co-workers had a safety pin, so they went through all the classrooms asking students for one. That was embarassing.

Oooh. That’s not the kind of experience you want to share with giggling 13 year olds.

I shared it with giggling 26 year olds in the pub at lunch instead. That was much more amusing.


why not? My 13 year old students share that info all the time. I teach at a uniform (business casual) school where the students can only wear jeans on Fridays. The other days they have to wear Dockers.

One of my students ( 14 year old with a 29 year old mother) yelled this in front of the entire class as they were lining up for lunch, “I can’t tuck my shirt in, Ms. B, my pants (actually, the zipper) are broke. I don’t want to excite the girls too much.”

He continued to wear the pants the remainder of the school year, the obnoxious brat!

Most businesses see a difference between “casual day” and “trailer trash day.”