LP Tank Purging

Perhaps some SDopers have experience here for factual replies: We want to discontinue our liquid propane (LP) service. The tank is an 80 gallon vertical tank which is rented. I assume a rented tank is a typical arrangement. The real concern is that our tank is near full. Regardless, we wish to end this service.

My question is this: Can a residential tank such as this be purged with the contents pushed back into their bobtail (small tanker) truck? Will utilities do this? And, are we in a position to negotiate a sale of the unused LP back to them? Surely, we cannot be the first to run into this situation in order to have the tank removed.

Wouldn’t the service provider be the one to ask?

Was in the same situation. My oh so great former LP supplier basically said I was out the propane, there was no buying it back. They took the tank while I was away, I assume they pumped it out first.

So no I didn’t get any money for a 95% full tank. At least I’m not paying $100 yearly service fees for them doing nothing

80 gallon is a big tank. What, about 320 pounds?
Sadly, you are probably out the propane. Service companies aren’t typically ‘friendly’, or inexpensive.
Down here, we mostly own our own tanks, I have two 100 pounders, and a 50. Most of my neighbors have something similar. I just load them up on the trailer and take them to town to get filled.
I can fill all of it for less then the cost of having the ‘service company truck’ come out.

I can’t think of anybody around me that rents a tank, but I’m sure there is someone.

The reason I chose the propane provider I have is that they buy back any unused propane when you discontinue service with them. They’re quite unusual in that. You’re probably boned.

Assuming they could lift a full tank, they probably topped it off and sold your propane to the next guy.

Mine bought back the propane without even asking when they took the tank back as I switched providers, and at the latest higher price per gallon.

Craigslist (“propane for sale”)?

Are you switching providers or no longer using bottled gas? when we switched last year, our new provider pumped out the old tank, moved it out of the way, then filled the new one. We got credit for the few gallons in the old tank.

Not a bad thought, but we wish to stop service altogether. Not switching providers.

Thanks, all, for your thoughts.

It blowed up real good!