LSD treatment for Parkinsons Disorder

It has been established that dopamine, a neurotransmitter,
is the basis for two human diseases:
Too much dopamine=schitzophrenia
Too little= Parkinsons

The standard treatment for Parkinsons is a regular dose of
L-dopa, an artificial dopamine supplement.

There are many treatments for schitzophrenia, which reduce the level of dopamine in the brain, but this causes a condition which mimics Parkinsons.

Is it possible to substitute LSD for L-dopa to treat

Recently in Britain there has been coverage of a man who has used Ecstasy (MDMA) as a temporary ‘cure’ for advanced Parkinson’s Disease. He used to be an acrobat and the television coverage shows him walking with a usual Parkinsonian shuffling gait before the use of Ecstacy and then doing back flips afterwards. Press coverage ranged from the amazed to the rabidly anti-drugs position. Further research is promised.