Lucid Dreaming

I don’t know much about the subject, but I have recently heard a bit about Lucid Dreaming. From what I can understand, it is the ability or training one can undertake to be able to control what happens in your dreams and to make them more memorable/vivid. I’m learning a little bit about how to do it and I would like to hear what you all have heard on the subject. I want to know if yall have done it before. If you have, what is it like? If you haven’t done it personally, then anyone you may know who does it and what they think about it. Also if you have heard anything bad about it. Basically I want to know anything that yall have to say on the subject.



IMHO an archive search on “lucid dreaming” would be fruitful:

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Fascinating subject - right up there with hypnotism as far as I’m concerned.

Check out the FAQ:

I can do it on a limited basis. I use it to end nightmares.
When I get to a certain point in the dream, I recognize it as such and force myself awake. With more work I’m pretty sure I could change the focus of the dream, but I don’t have nightmares enough to get enough practice.

It has happened to me on a few occasions in my life. About a dozen or so. As far as controlling them, it does not really work that way. You can’t just conjure up women without waking up. But if you go along with the dream knowing it is a dream, you are in for a cool time. It’s the dream’s story, go with it.

It happened to me once; during the dream (while being shot at by terrorists), the car I tried to escape in hit a speed bump at high speed, resulting in it spiralling about 4 stories into the air. Look ing out the window, I thought “This is impossible, I must be dreaming”. At that point, it clicked, and I had a lot of fun as I took control of the dream.

Actually, I have been able to conjure up women in my lucid dreams, especially if it’s one where you wake up in the middle of and then get back into.

First post ever! Wish me luck…

In the past, I have on occasion gone on Prozac to treat depression. One of the more interesting and welcome side effects, for me, was lucid dreaming, with which I had had no previous experience. Doesn’t look or feel any different than normal dreams, except that I suddenly realize I was asleep and am able to take the controls, so to speak. Unfortunately, when it happens, the only thing I have the presence of mind to do is take off flying like Superman, and occasionally burst through a wall like the Kool-Aid pitcher guy (and no, I won’t tell you what’s on the other side of the wall in a dream… you’ll have to find out for yourself! :wink: )

I can agree with the post about waking up when things simply get too weird. I have often done that: “WOAH, purple gorillas with three heads. Naah, time to wake up”.

Also, a technique to train yourself for lucid dreams (though I haven’t tried it) goes like this: Get into the habit, when you are awake, of asking yourself, “Am I awake?” Don’t just automatically tell yourself “yes I am”, but have a look at your surroundings, check things out, and only tell yourself “yes” when you are thoroughly sure you are awake. The idea is that if you so this often enough, you will start doing it in your dreams, and suddenly you will start answering “no. too much weirdness; I must be dreaming”. It is at this point that you can control your dreams, and they become lucid.

On a similar theme, a dream control technique my mum told me when I was a kid was very simple and went as follows: if you wake from a nightmare in the middle of the night, change your sleeping position, and you will dream different things when you fall asleep again a few moments later. If, on the other hand, you wake from that dream involving Lucy Liu ahem, stay perfectly still, and you have a good chance of slipping back into the same dream. This one realy works!

On several occaisions I have realized I was dreaming. Most of those times I elected to go flying just like Superman. This is really very cool. The holodeck depicted on StarTrek is small change by comparison.

As for terminating a dream and waking up at will, I did this twice. But the third time, I simply dreamed that I had awakened and was fooled for awhile. That was very weird until I realized I was still dreaming.

I’ve been Lucid Dreaming for years.

It’s caused me to be late for work WAY TOO MANY TIMES.

I seem to have always been able to do this. It’s easier to control closer to the waking hours (For me) than middle of the night.

I am also able to do something else, that I think is similar… I think I even posted it here… lemme look…

here it is…

I forgot that I’m considered an enlighted soul. :slight_smile:

My WAG is that Lucid Dreamers should be able to this also, but I base that on the fact that I can do both. Which means all of you should be able to sink a free-throw without much trouble :slight_smile:

Once again, we don’t need a thread full of every story by anyone who as ever done this. As in the prior threads on this subject, I’ll ask that you limit your posts to factual information about the practice – studies of it, etc.


a good technique to have on hand for lucid dreaming is “spinning”. I guess the quotes aren’t necessary, since really all you do is spin.

Works like this. A lot of times, when you realize you are dreaming, you start to bobble back up thto the surface of consciousness. If you can make yourself spin in place (like an ice skater, but not with arms out or anything) you won’t wake up. Often though, the dream changes. But you are still awake and in control.

Learnt that little trick from Omni a few years back. Works for me.

So, the moderator NAZI is stepping in again trying to tell us, the posters what to do AGAIN. I’m sorry, but WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG with relating personal experiences. How many of us are experts on lucid dreams? Few or none. How many of us have experienced it? Many.

If you want factual information in the form of studies, search the web and send us a link. Write to Cecil himself. Personally, I think personal experiences about lucid dreams are far more factual to me than reading some dissertation, and much easier on the eyes and brain.

Manhattan, I may not have a full understanding of the pressures of being a moderator, but this is not encouraging to the free exchanging of knowledge. This is a topic of intertest to me, and I personally defy the moderator and command all of you write about your experiences. Anything else I have to say about Manhattan would be more appropriate in the pit.

I think I did mention on how I find it easier to indce Lucid Dreaming in my post.

And I think others personal experiences may help others realize how they, themselves may be able to induce it.

If your “Stick tot he facts” attitude is being stated due to lack of hard drive space, then say so.

being a Natzi is one thign, being concerened about the betterment of the board’s capicity is another.

But just don’t go stomping in here demanding we not post.

That’s just wrong :slight_smile:

From what I hear, most people learn lucid dreaming by themselves–has anyone not thus gifted been able to learn this trick by reading the FAQs or picking up one of those (usually corny) books on the subject? I am really keen to experience this type of dreaming, but the attempts I have made so far have not worked.

I’ll just chime in and say that I second your opinions here. Manhattan appears to be more iron fisted of late then usual. But yeah, as you said… this is more for the Pit.

cooldude, Frumpy Jones, and dippymonger:
I’ll type this slowly, so you can keep up.
We. Have. Other. Forums. For. Personal. Experiences. If. You. Don’t. Get. That. Than. You. Are. Too. Stupid. To. Use. This. Board.
Oh, and if anyone calls me a Nazi again in this forum, that person is banned. There will be no further warning.

And personally, I tremble. I know better than to tick off a moderator. Question them? Yes. Annoy them? Not if I can help it.

I DID offer a way to try and induce lucid Dreaming (in the moments before waking up: like when you hit your snooze and doze back off), but I understand how personal experiences can lag down a factual discussion.

Problem here is: Lucid Dreaming is not something that FACT plays in on. It’s a very persoanl experience and the ways of doing it differ from person to person.

Personal experiences on HOW you induce your LD are as factual as you can get in this discussion. telling us your whacky dream about dancing with poodles is not.

So I haopr the moderator understands my point on all this, and that I do understand his point on this. ass kissing off

P.S. I never called anyone a nazi, nor would I (except for the real McCoy). I stated that (Generally) being a NATZI is one thing. See. Mine has a T. Entirelly different. (Thank the Good Lord for Typos).

But the point is understood and shall be headed.

I had no idea that this post would become so heated. I mean I was just looking for some experiences and methods on Lucid Dreaming. I didn’t think it would become piss off the moderator time. I understand where yall are coming from. This forum does seem to be becoming a bit more strict lately. I mean I have had several post closed simply for the fact that they were in the wrong forum. Correct me if I am wrong but where to post something is highly subjective, some of the time. I mean sometimes a post that would probably go to great debates ends up in general questions, but that is no reason to close down a perfectly good post.

I didn’t come back on here to start up a revolution I came back to ask another question. I have, of course, been doing research on the subject of lucid dreaming and I seem to see a pattern. First I see that you must be able to remember your dreams so that having lucid dreams would have any effect on you.

My problem is that I can’t seem to get past that first stage. I can’t remember that much of my dreams. There is a split second where I seem to remember it perfectly and the whole things seems like I just got through with a day and I was reflecting on it, but after that second is gone. My entire memory is gone of the entire event. I mean I remember having a dream, but the contents in it are vanished. It a rare occasion that I can remember a large portion of my dream.

I want to know how do I start remembering my dreams? I can’t work on lucid dreaming until I can remember my uncontroled dreams.