Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds - no, it's a different Q

Has the original drawing this song is (supposedly) based on ever been shown publicly?

This took, oh, about 30 seconds:

  1. go to

  2. do a search on Lennon Lucy Sky
    Google is your friend.


And I’ve been to that page, but didn’t remember they had the drawing.

Not only that, but then we wouldn’t have had the chance to discuss it. Personally, I don’t see Lucy in the drawing. What was he…4 months old when he drew it?

Jules would’ve been about 4 and a half years old.

Neither did John. So he asked and Jules said “It’s Lucy. In the sky. With diamonds.”

Hopefully this didn’t lead John to mocking and laughing at his kidergarten-aged son.

While I can’t pick out a face in that picture, either, I do think that is shows considerable technical skill for a kid 4.5 years old. His stars are nicely symmetric, his coloring even and mostly within the lines, and it’s fairly well balanced. Most kids that age would have a hard time with that.

I wouldn’t think so. Now, if Paul had done it…

Color me dumb in the sky, but I don’t get the difference between Julian saying it as a single phrase and him reiterating it as three separate clauses.

And why would Julian’s insistence lead to mocking…?

Sir Rhosis

I wonder how much someone would pay for that drawing?

^^^You mean “drawering,” don’tcha? :smiley:

Sir Rhosis