Ludicrous getups at fashion shows

Recently I cam across this article.

Now granted, my sense of fashion can’t compare to those in the trade, but just look at the top photograph. Do they honestly expect anyone to wear something so ridiculous?

No but they want to get peoples’ attention. Which they apparently succeeded in doing.

Maybe it’s only for people who feel they want to get nailed? :slight_smile:

I have a theory that these fashion shows aren’t for showing practical, or even saleable, clothing. Rather, they are for pushing the boundaries of the designers’ art.

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That’s correct.

Certain elements of each design will be incorporated into the off-the-rack fashions being sold in the stores for that season, but you won’t see the runway items. They’re made to get attention, get headlines.

In the top photo in the OP’s link, you might see in their clothing elements of wood (buttons, etc.), wood-look patterns, off-white linen, and as the line under it notes, black/white monochromatics.

It’s not clothes. It is sculpture using fabric and people as the medium.

Ugly, stupid, pointless sculpture.

It’s meant to be “conceptual” not “wearable.” When I watched Project Runway** the judges and Tim Gunn would frequently make comments about designs that were too artistic rather than clothes people would actually wear. I guess some designers make clothes that can be worn straight off the runway, but as those above me stated, the runway shows are meant to showcase their art.