Ludovico Treatment

Was the Ludovico Treatment (Clockwork Orange) based even slightly on anything? Was it based in a major way on something?

In general:
Yes. Pavlov and his dogs. Classic condition/response stimulus research.

I’ll bet the Nazis, Soviets, perhaps even the CIA looked into it and even used human test subjects. The intent, though, probably wasn’t to cure homocidal perverts, but to create un-questioning conformists. It’s much easier to just execute homocidal perverts.

anymore details? hints? Rumours? Can I get a teenager to pick up his clothes with the right amount of treatment?
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If me mum played Ludwig Van to make me clean my room, me and my droogs would begin the ultra-violence.

Check out B.F. Skinner and his operant conditioning studies.

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I dunno about the Ludivico Treatment, per se, but I think the name is interesting in light of Alex’s love for lovely, lovely Ludwig Von and Beethoven’s constant presence through the film – isn’t “Ludivico” Italian for “Ludwig”?

Ludovico ? It’s a sly reference to “Orlando Furioso”. Read both books, then ponder.

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And just think how tickled his creatures are when you do touch the master?!?!?!?

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