Lunchtime Theater, an ongoing thread: TV clips and others while you munch at the office

Hope this can be an ongoing public service for fellow dopers as they grab 10 minutes or so watching Youtube over Budget Gourmet meals at their desks.

My first offering, from the (relatively) new Twilight Zone: I of Newton.

Videos can be funny, dramatic, thought-provoking, or whatever, as long as they’re self-contained vignettes like the above. A police dash cam of a handcuffed guy hopping from foot to foot while he begs the officers to scratch his nuts – I appreciate that as much as the next guy, but it’s not what you’d call . . . [Master Thespian] THEATER! [/MT]

So whaddya got?

Samuel Beckett: Play. (part 1)

Doxology But I don’t get it. If someone does, please explain it to me.

Frankie A teenager decides to do right by his pregnant girlfriend.

Madame Tutli-Putli part1 and Part 2 Together it’s about 20 minutes long. Sorry about that.

Creepy cartoon I think it’s from a longer piece based around Mark Twain.

Rejected A cartoon about animations gone haywire.

Billy Crystal in Hamlet, the gravedigger’s scene.

Whoops, part 2.

Niles getting ready for a dinner date

Spencer Tracey does the same

Rome: A fun-filled dinner with Octavian

Twilight Zone, “Need to Know,” parts 1 and 2.

Marcel Marceau in Silent Movie.

Richard III: Was ever woman in this humour wooed?

Richard Simmons on Whose Line Is It Anyway?" The funniest TV sketch ever.

One of the vety few time Ryan Stiles lost it on the show. And Drew Carey, Wayne Brady and Greg Props (in the background) are down for the count.

A speech by Adenoid Hynkel, Dictator of Tomania.

Boiler Room group interview.

Stockholder’s meeting from Other People’s Money – thought provoking, twenty years later.