Lung capacity

One of the more interesting things that happened during my recent hospital stay was the post operation respiration tests. You know" suck on this as hard as you can 10 times" and we’ll check your lung capacity.
It used to be blow up this surgical glove.
Its so you don’t get pneumonia.
Well they brought an inspirator in and I did as asked. No big deal except the nurse said “You did that too easily”.
It really was no effort.
Anyway after the 2nd day one nurse brought in a larger inspirator. I think the 1st was a 2500 ml model. The second one was a 4000 ml type.
"Lets see how you do with this one"she says.
She had increased the ideal volume to 3300 ml. Well after 3 pulls I was doing 4Kml.
Well its amazing when you are bored out of your skull the things you’ll do for entertainment. I figured that my capacity is roughly the size of 2 2liter soda bottles.Hense 4000 ml or 4 liters.
I asked my wife if she knew her capacity so she tried it. Barely 2500 ml.10 years younger than I and never smoked.
Enter my 16 year old, loves all sports especially running hurdles, daughter.2500 ml.
Is that really strange for my capacity to be so much more than theirs???FWIW I am 58 years old next month.

On average, women do have a smaller lung capacity than men. Even when our chests are bigger than yours, most of the extra size is accounted for by glandular material and not lung tissue.

I’m going in for surgery in three weeks and they gave me an inspirometer to use 10 times a day, ten repetitions each time, for the next two months. I don’t smoke, have no lung diseases, and they want me to get to the 2500 range. I’ve just started, and I can’t get over 1500 ml. (My “Volumetric Exerciser” goes up to 5000 ml. I’ll let my smoker son try when he gets home).

According to the chart that came with it, a 58 year old male, 5’10", should be in the 2500ml range. 4000 is the highest level on this chart, and that’s for a 20 year old, 6’6" tall male. Your 16 year old is right on target (if she’s about 5’4"… good 'til she’s 20). Your wife and I are the same age, and if she’s 5’4", she should be at 2200ml.

So you are exceptionally well-developed in lung capacity! Have you considered a second income making balloon animals? You must always blow out all your birthday candles! Be proud! You’re full of hot air! Strong like bull!