Lute Olson, you're a loser.

Retire just before the start of the season? After that crazy stunt you pulled last year? I don’t get it? Are you trying to ruin the Arizona basketball program on purpose?

What’s his deal? The press has been very vague about his issues, but there are hints of physical or mental illness. I know he went through a divorce, but is there more to it?

They’re being very vague. I read almost every Arizona sports website and I can’t find any information at all. Same garbage last year, which turned out to be him divorcing a his wife and hooking up with a young bimbo. Then the whole debacle with Kevin O’Neill.

Now, he turns around and quits again right before the season starts. Like I said, this seems like he’s trying to hurt the program on purpose. He could have announced at the end of last season he wasn’t coming back and give the Wildcats time to get a new coach or keep O’Neill. Now, he’s lost O’Neill and UA will have a tough time recruiting with an uncertain coaching situation. UCLA, USC, Oregon, and ASU will be able to use this to their advantage.

He must be incredibly bitter about something to tarnish his reputation like this.

There’s another angle you may not have known about.

Maybe the “loser” was simply a very sick man who wasn’t in full command of his faculties, or who’s battling depression and wasn’t capable of making a fully rational decision.

If THAT’S the case, a little compassion is in order, rather than insults.

I was willing to cut Luke some slack due to his age. I had considered the possibility that Lute had been suffering from Alzheimer’s. Now I see it was a stroke and depression, which impaired his judgment. He deserves every benefit of the doubt due to his illness and all he had done in the past for Arizona basketball over the past 24 years. 589 wins, five Final Four tournaments, one NCAA championship and an impressive number of players who became professionals, including Steve Kerr, Sean Elliot, Gilbert Arenas, and Luke Walton. I don’t mind sounding like an apologist, Lute put Arizona basketball on the map. He was an ambassador for Tucson and the region, and his achievements will outshadow the events of the past two years. The U of A basketball program may be taking a couple of steps backwards, unfairly, it seems, but the program without Lute would be uncertain if he had left under the best of circumstances.