Luxury dopers: What is with the LVMH cartel, its takeovers? How and why who hates them?

Every other day I hear that LVMH takes over another luxury goods company. LVMH seems to be hated because they ‘corporate’-ify traditional companies.

The latest heat is LVMH buying part of Hermes, with feared designs on the rest.

I don’t understand it. Why is this LVMH so big? How is it buying up so many companies? Why is it so successful? Why can’t a very successful Hermes company fight off buy offs?

I dont get it.

In case you don’t know what or who LVMH was (I didn’t), here is a Wiki on it:

As to the question, the only thing I know about Louis Vuitton is those seriously ugly brown handbags with LV painted all over them in gold. Seriously, SERIOUSLY nasty looking.


It can. The Hermès family owns controlling interest (and quite a bit more) in the company.

They don’t want to, because LVMH is offering them lots of money.

I don’t really understand the point of aggregating so many luxury brands, since lots of them are direct competitors… but it seems to be working for LVMH.