Lying or sitting?

Which is the better alternative if looking to your physical health - lying down or sitting up?

Cheers, Nick

Lying down. Sitting puts a lot of stress on your spine, and should be avoided whenever possible.

On the other hand, completely slack muscles would be bad for your overall strength. Hmmm…(does weighing motion with hands)

If only I could pursuade my boss to buy me a bed for my office.

Lying down is my guess. I’d think the heart would have a much easier time pumping the blood around without having to fight gravity.

A major health problem in America is that people do way too much of both.

Looking to your physical health, being outside walking, jogging, biking, or some other exercising would be better than either.

Duke Ellington was once quoted as saying “never stand when you can sit down; never sit down when you can lie down”.

I follow his wise advice.