Lymphedema - WTF now is happeing?

I have really no idea what this is, I’ve read up on it, apparently my lymph system (who knew we had one) is not working correctly. My right ankle is stiff to the touch and somewhat swollen, and doesn’t hurt a bit, but my doc (who hasn’t seen me or felt my leg because …Covid) says it is. I’ve had a venous and arterial ultrasound that shows no issues, so this is where we’ve landed.
Anyone have any experience with this?

I don’t know any technical details, but my mother’s legs get swollen up after a time and she uses a lymphedema pump to basically pull the lymphatic fluid back where it should be. She’s supposed to do this for three hours a day. She finds it kinda relaxing, so it basically turns into an enforced three-hour nap.

If she doesn’t do it for a couple days in a row, she becomes very uncomfortable, and often can’t wiggle her toes, for example.


Try Step Up, Speak Out here for lots of information. There may be techniques you can use at home, or a compression garment that will help.


I forgot to mention that my mother wears compression socks as well.