Lyndon LaRouche is STILL around???!!???

Obviously bored surfing the net, I decided for a few chuckles to make my annual visit to the website of one my favorite crackpots of all time, Lyndon Larouche:

And to find that he is planning a run for the Presidency . . . in 2004!!! HAHAHAHAAAA!!!

My question is this: what exactly is it that makes Lyndon LaRouche and his cult like following TICK? Dude runs for President every 4 years, seems somehow to get his name mentioned with the Education Minister of Thailand for “credibility”, and despite the fact that he has about 244 followers left, still seems to show up here and there.

Is he a mesmerizing personality? It can’t be: I’ve seen his TV commercials. Is it a con?
Or just a bunch of losers who have deluded themselves into thinking they are more influential on politcs than they really are? Is Lyndon LaRouche mentally insane?

Has anyone out there been or met a LaRouchie?

And what is his obsession with water, anyway?

I met a “LaRouchie” once. It was about 1984 or 85 and I was in the L.A. airport with this friend of mine when we passed a very well-dressed and professional-looking young woman who had a table set up with all kinds of literature and stuff. As we walked by, she asked us, “Are you in favor of a strong defense?” Being a smart-ass college kid, and assuming she was a Republican, I said, “No, we want the Russians to come in and take over so we can get better jobs.” I can’t quite repeat what she said to me here, but it involved “bend over and get out the Vaseline” and I learned some new words, which I was surprised to hear from such a conservative-looking woman. It wasn’t until later that I read a story in the paper about the LaRouchians and figured out who she was.

The only pattern I’ve ever noticed in what they do is they try to be seen as opposing things that they think people are afraid of, like the Commie threat in that case, or the imaginary threat of mosquitoes spreading AIDS, which they tried later.