Lyric deaf

Some threads earlier about what’s your favorite carols/songs made me realize that my answer is “The ones I actually know the words to”.

I simply cannot make out the words to almost any song played on radio/tv/movies/stereo. If it’s a recording and I go back and replay a verse ten times, I might figure out most of the words. Or else I have to find a lyric sheet if available. “Rudolph the red-nosed raindeer” sounds like “Root off a Retnost ?aindeh”.

Yes, I’ve had my hearing checked a zillion times. I can hear the beeps and tones they test you with just fine. I just can’t seem to discriminate consonant sounds. Even in conversation, I actually understand about half the words, and fill in the rest from context. I’m seem to have the verbal equivalent of dyslexia. It sucks and I’m tired of it.

I’ve had tinnitis for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I thought everyone could hear that high-pitched whistle (that’s how it affects me).

The hardest time I have is when I’m in any kind of echoing environment (gymnasium, the Metrodome, large workshop). In those places I mainly just hear white noise.

Over the years I’ve developed a rudimentary kind of lip reading capability.

Oddly enough, valium deadens the whistle. It also deadens my cognitive abilities and suppresses my motor skills, so I don’t use it.

If the whistle ever changes to voices, then I’ll definitely go for the valium. :slight_smile:

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Hell is Other People.

Being quite deaf myself, I can hear but it comes in very fuzzy. Fuzzy cause I miss A LOT of the tones.

Thats probably what you have. You’re missing some tones, thus you have low speech discrimination. That happened to me long time back. Go get your hearing tested at a college if you can as hearing aid dealers are notoriously unsculpterous.



Come again?