Lyrics to Underage Bichon

I searched, but could not find.

Does anyone know the lyrics to Underage Bichon, by Triumph the Comic Insult Dog?

The reason that you couldn’t find it is because you have the title wrong: It’s “underage vizsla”, that being the name of a Hungarian dog breed which sort of looks like an Irish setter.

Hm, are you joking, Chronos? I searched “underage vizsla” and found nothing, either. I’ve heard the song twice and I could’ve sworn it was “bichon”. I mean, if you were a dog, which breed would you rather “do” – vizsla or bichon frise? I think the answer is obvious.

Hmm, I’m not exactly an expert on Triumph the Dog, not having a TV and all. All I know is, I happen to have heard it on Comedy Central a couple of weeks ago, and asked “what’s he saying?”, and one of the other folks in the room said it was “viszla”.

In other words, I haven’t a clue.

As I recall, when I turned on the captions to see what he was singing, it came out as “bichon”. Definitely not “viszla”.