M.D.s have to accept Medicare/Medicaid patients?

Are medical doctors required to accept Medicare or Medicaid patients? Can the MD refuse to accept them as patients?

I’m sure they can refuse them. I heard a report today on the radio about Medicare/Medicaid and how payments were being cut, so the American Medical Association was asking Congress to please give the programs more money, because if not doctors would have to turn down patients using these programs. If doctors couldn’t turn them down the AMA wouldn’t have said that. At least I think so.

A doctor can refuse service to anyone. If a doctor charges $1,000 for a treatment and medi-xxx only pays $387 they have every right to refuse to deny the treatment. You would hardly expect a mechanic or attourney to drop 2/3 of the bill out of the kindness of his heart or because you can’t afford it.

*You can’t be refused treatment for an immediate life threatening emergency by a hospital. Good luck convincing a hospital that a bad cold is life threatening.

obligitory discaimer for the old and frail and or babies.

Do no wrong last time I checked does not require do right for cheap or free.

This is false. An ER doctor cannot refuse treatment to anyone in an emergency.