'M' key stuck- help (slightly less life threatening than gas pedal)

My ‘m’ key is stuck, meaning that if I am typing and applying the same amount of pressure to all of the keys, the ‘M’ often doesn’t show up. Not the end of the world, but it’s annoying (especially when I don’t read over my message board posts). I’ve tried physically removing the key and replacing it. Nothing. Anyone had this problem and solved it?

FWIW, Google, “key stuck”, I have no idea whether this helps or not.

It’s got troubleshooting links, too.

More here, under “keyboard key stuck”.



I love the Internet. :smiley:

I don’t spend a lot of time and effort on keyboard problems. When I get sticky keys and the like, I shove the keyboard into the dishwasher (upside down, no soap, heat dry off, and make sure the cord can’t get down to where the moving bits of the dishwasher are, and leave set for a couple of days to dry out). If that doesn’t fix it I toss the bugger.

Pop the key off with a screwdriver.
Blow vigourously if it is dry, blot with a paper towel if it’s wet.
Push key back on.

Seriously? :eek:

I would think it would just break more!

(My post was directed in engineer_comp_geek’s direction.)