M&M - A Single Girl's Saviour

I really like to cook.

I really don’t like to cook for myself. It’s a pain in the butt to go to all that trouble of mess and clean up, just to make a meal for myself. It’s a drag. It’s too much work!

Enter, M&M Meat Shops. They are soooo goood!

I get single serving sizes of caniloni, chicken parm, french onion soup, etc. etc. and everything is totally tasty.

I’m currently enjoying a big fat slab of there Orange Merangue Pie. Ummmmm - Pie.


I thought this was another chocolate/PMS kinda thing.

Never mind…

No, but effective in that situation as well.

If you have a PMS type feeding frenzie going on and you feel the need to consume your own body weight in canolies, they can and will accomodate.


Hmmm…I’m single and I like to cook (but not for myself)…

What else might we have in common?


I dunno - do you like bunnies? :slight_smile: