M/S INternet Explorer ?

Using M/S Windows 98 (yea, I know, but it was free); on a
Pentium II, Internal 56K Modem. (hope that’s enough back ground info for my ??)

My tendancy is to have several browser windows up - I have a microsoft web access for my work email addy, (using the OUtlook express for my personal email - otherwise I’d have yet another window open), generally have one work related window up (at least) as well as one non work one - this way (at least this is what I tell myself), while one is loading up, I can be dealing with the other (actually for the work related stuff that’s true, I’d be looking up a record on one site, SS registration on another and doing data entry on yet a third - it’s called multi tasking :wink: )

anyhow. On my system at the other place, no issues, I open stuff up, minimize them down while they load and then pull 'em back up when I’m ready to deal. On my system here - I’ll be looking at window A while Window B is loading up, but no, Window B intrudes it’s damn self just as I’m about to click on something on the other one.

anyhow, I find it damned annoying and want it to stop. Now, I’m not a systems dudette, but can follow directions. What I’ve tried so far is peering around in the control panel, w/o finding anything that I think will help (other than what follows), and checked under tools on the IE, looked under internet options checked everything. The only thing that seemed remotely possible was under advanced, some of the things in the ‘browsing’ section seemed maybe like what I need. But I’m hesitant to click on/off stuff unless I have some semblance of an idea of what I’m doing.

any suggestions? (other than not having so many windows open at the same time)?

thanks, ever so.

If you install TweakUI, there’s an option ‘prevent applications from stealing focus’.

Do you know of anything like this for win2k?

Try Opera.

With one instance of Opera running, you can open up individual page frames of other sites within the one instance of Opera. Your system resources overhead is much more reduced than all those instances of IE, it’s quite easy to navigate among the various sites, and you have better control of focus.

BTW, Windows 98 really isn’t a true multi-tasking O/S. The fewer instances of applications running, the better it operates.