MA Legal Question: Coastal Access Law-What is "Fowling"?

In Massachusetts, the law that guarantees access (of the public) to beach areas is governed by a 1634 law-which states that the public can use the beach for “purposes of fishing and fowling”.
I assume that fishing means taking fish and shellfish, but “fowling”? Since most coastal dwelling birds are protected species, “fowling” would seem to be a rather rare activity, unless you like to eat salt water ducks (which taste like fish).
At any rate, I choose to step onto the beach property of some rich guy…and they ask me to leave…can I tell them that I am simply using the beach for “fowling”?
Would this be a valid defense?

WAG – duck hunting

Duck season, salt marshes, yummy. However, there are laws governing how far from a residence you can discharge a firearm, even during season.

So IANAL, but unless you are dressed like Elmer Fudd and carrying a shotgun, I do not believe claiming to be “fowling” will grant you access to a private beach.

IIRC, the law refers only to the intertidal region. MA allows land ownership to the low-water mark. You can still be in trouble for trespassing if you go above the high-water mark.