Mac and Sprint PPC 6700

OK can anyone else recreate this problem to verify this…

I’m using a PowerMac G5 here at work. I have a sprint smartphone (ppc-6700).

When I use my smartphone as an mp3 player to listen to music my Mac wigs out when I touch the mouse. It repeatedly enters application windows expose mode again and again.

When I remove the headphones and touch the mouse the Mac works fine.

Any explanations?

I’m serious! Can anyone else recreate this occurance?

I’m about to pull over a few co-workers to act as lab rats.

Cordless mouse, by any chance?

Nope, it’s the corded mac Mightymouse.

And I just finished the experiment on my coworkers… It does it with them too.

Do you have Blue Tooth enabled on the phone? Do the computers have blue tooth enabled? Other than that I got nothing, but a sprint ppc-6600 and love it !

The Mighty Mouse is based on capacitive touch sensors. It would seem that wearing the headphones causes a change in your body’s capacitance that improperly activates the mouse’s sensors. You may want to check if the headphone leads have worn insulation that allows the wires to touch your skin, or if the PDA has a metal case that is touching your skin.

OK… sorry, I should have been clear on the setup.

The mac has wifi disabled, and AFAIK no BT capabilities, and if it does, I.T. has shut that off too.

The PPC 6700 only has the phone active (wifi and BT are turned off to conserve power)

Also it makes no difference if the phone is in airplane mode or not. Hmmm.

The earphones are fine, the unit is only about a month old.

This has me concerned about the amount of juice this thing is kicking out when I’m making a call!

Problem solved!

The charger was plugged in and apparently the mouse doesn’t like that.

The first clue was the question about the earphones.