Mac Catch 22

I drive a Mac. A G-5. It’s a few years old, but it works well for everything I want to do. I’m happy.
Today, my husband wanted to make me happy(er). He bought me an iPod shuffle to use when I exercise. I was happy.
Iplugged it iPod in. It said I needed to up-date iTunes. Ok, I can do that. I downloaded iTunes 10.0.1.
Then, I opened the installer. It didn’t open. Instead, it told me I needed OS-10.5.
Wait, I have a G-5, it doesn’t support 10.5.

I’m going to get a call from a Mac support person on Friday. Maybe, it will help.

"Wait, I have a G-5, it doesn’t support 10.5. "

it should. 10.6 is the one that drops PowerPC support.

Yes. G5’s support 10.5 just fine. Good luck finding a copy to buy, though.


There’s some older versions of iTunes available here. Perhaps you can find one that’s new enough to keep your shuffle happy, but old enough to run on your computer.

I have iTunes.

I had a talk with the manager at the local Apple Store. She is going to try to find an older, but unused iPod shuffle that I can use. She also said that if all else fails she will load it feom my own CDs. How’s that for customer service?