Mac Disk FirstAid Problem

I just ran Disk FirstAid and it was unable to repair. It said: "Invalid Leaf record count.(it should be 0 instead of 15) "
It appeared after extended attributes file.
Does anyone have a clue what I shoud do now? I’ve never hear of a leaf record, So I’m pretty sure I didn’t add 15 things (leaves?) to it.
I have a G-5 iMac running Tiger (10.4) 1.8 gHz processor with 768 MB RAM

My computer isn’t doing anything I can describe, its just not the same as it has been.
Intuition, I guess.

Did you run disk Firstaid from your hardrive, or did you restart from a bootable disc, and run FirstAid from that?

Disk Firstaid should be located in the Utilities folder on your original install disc.

DiskWarrior - should be owned by all Mac users. It’s saved my ass more than once.


However, the long-winded version of that is:

The short answer: your file system is corrupted-either fix it or replace it. Don’t replace the disk of course, but reformat the disk. If Disk First Aid or a 3rd party tool can’t fix the problem, it isn’t going to fix itself. Even if that spot on the disk isn’t being used for anything important right now, it will be in the future-just before the report is due. So, run Disk First Aid from the CD. Try Disk Warrior. Back up everything worth saving and reformat the disk.
Message: Bad Leaf Node/Index Node

Disk First Aid reports “Bad Leaf Node/Index Node”.


A node has been changed and no longer correctly refers to other nodes or records.

Disk First Aid: What to Do When It Finds an Error
This article tells what to do when Disk First Aid reports an issue with the disk.


After attempting to repair a disk, Disk First Aid reports one or more of the error messages listed below, followed by, “Problems were found but Disk First Aid cannot repair them”.

Products affected

* Disk First Aid
* Macintosh computer


  1. Back up important data from the disk if possible.

  2. Start up from CD and use the Repair option of Disk First Aid to try to repair the volume. If Disk First Aid continues to report an issue with the volume, try running Disk First Aid a second or third time to ensure that the disk cannot be repaired by Disk First Aid.

  3. If Disk First Aid is not able to repair the disk, consider using a third-party disk utility to try to repair the disk.

  4. If Disk First Aid is not able to repair the disk and a third-party utility is either unavailable or unable to repair the disk, back up important data from the disk if possible, and reformat the disk using Drive Setup.

Thank you for your answers. I will look into DiskWarrior However, that problem was a deep user error. I used the 10.3 disk and I’m running 10.4 duh.
Fixed now :rolleyes:

Just a third vote for DiskWarrior. It’s arguably the only third-party disk-repair/maintenance tool you need for a Mac these days.

If DiskWarrior can’t fix it, you’re in deep doo-doo… :wink:

I own Disk Warrior and am quite pleased with it.

That said, arguments about disk repair tools are only slightly less heated than Mac OS-Windows debate…

I will say that a good many folks also include Tech Tool in their arsenal. Norton seems to have fallen out of favor.

This is a bit dated…but covers some of the comparisons.