Mac: How do I get rid of MS Office "Test Drive"

I was using an older version of MS Office for Mac. When I got my new MacBook, they put my old data on, but now there is a folder in there for MS Offce “Test Drive.”

It is set to expire in 30 days. Trouble is, it supercedes my old MS Office files (which are in a totally different folder) and gives me a bunch of messages. This is total bullshit!

I just want this crap off my machine. I tried just tossing the folder into the trash, but that doesn’t work.

How do I deal with this? Help!

Great, I used the built-in “remove” program, and now it won’t let me click on my documents and open them up–even with the old software:

“An unexpected error occurred. Error code 10660.”

I despise you, Microsoft.

I have the same problem. I just open MS functions from the dock instead of opening a file directly.

OK, the essence of the problem is that I need to make my default word processer the old MS Office X Word. How do I do that?

Got it. Leave it to Apple to hide this shit deep:

Oh, except that it doesn’t work! If you do it, it just slides back into thinking that the new Word is the default.

Microsoft, you rock, man. :frowning:

Here is a deeper look into the problem, but nothing I try is working.

OK, this finally worked. Yippee. Computers are fun.

And the Straight Dope solves another problem! Glad we could help. :wink: