Mac iBook G4 running slow. Reasons why?

As the title says. This has started in the last month or so. The computer tends to ‘hang’ for several minutes, especially when I open large websites, iTunes or iPhoto (both of which have large libraries). I have added a lot of images just recently and my harddrive is getting pretty full (10GB left of 75GB total). Could this be slowing things up?

If so I have a lot of images I could get rid of (they are also stored on an external and another laptop), although they are off my daughters first two years so it makes me a bit nervous!

Otherwise, could it be a virus or spyware? I don’t run any protection (it’s a Mac!). Is there a easy way to check for this?

Thanks in advance.

Filling up a hard drive to the brim can definitely cause slow downs, so if the hangs only began after you added the pictures, then that is probably the cause. Just in case, run Disk Utility on the drive to see if there are any actual problems.
Also keep in mind a G4 isn’t exactly a speed demon anymore.
And if the problem is due to a virus or spyware, congratulations- you are pretty much the first mac os x user to get one.

Thanks, good to know, I’ll press ahead with archiving the old stuff as soon as I get a moment.

It’s the fastest machine I’ve ever owned! And I don’t get to see anything faster, so don’t spoil my illusions. I’d love something newer, but no chance at present.

That’s what I thought.