Mac OS 10.8 "Snow Leopard," or something

So I am in the US and so I am downloading movies and all that internet stuff. This trip I updated to the new Mac OS. What a disaster.

I downloaded the thing and it asked me for my Apple ID and password. Well I am fairly dumb and keep my password list on my Mac. Of course I could not see my list as my Mac was asking for my ID and password.

Well, it could only be one of a few passwords or names. I made a little chart and went through each possible name and password until I cracked it. It was bit of a panic, and I made an appointment with my local Genius Bar for help. But in the end I did crack the code myself.

So I wandered over to the Genius Bar this evening to chat with the guys there. We had a great time. The Head Geek told me that my transition to the new OS was one of the smoothest he had seen. Something about my hard drive being in good shape, I did not understand all his comments.

In any case, I got some small added functionality for the price of an afternoon of monkeying around with the laptop. If you are about to upgrade, make sure you know your Apple ID and password.

It was no fun but all’s well that ends well.

Not really the computer or OS’s fault for not recalling your Apple ID. However it didn’t sound like much of a disaster if you ended up remembering your password.

It’s the email and pass you use for your iTunes account, but I’m sure you found that our by now.

You could’ve also simply reset your Apple ID pass through your iCloud account online, from another computer or smartphone.

(btw, it’s Mountain Lion)

I’m still running Lion. Any reason not to upgrade? Are there bugs or things which need tweaking and would be a good reason for me to delay?

So far, there have been very few reports of problems with this upgrade. A few people are having battery life issues on some MacBooks, but that appears to be a Dock preference issue, and easily fixed. IMHO, this is one of the smoothest upgrades that Apple has ever released.

Sounds good. I’m new* to Mac, though, and am not sure what you mean by ‘Dock preference issue’.

  • ‘new’ as in I bought my MBA last year and the previous Mac I used was a Mac Plus in ?198-something.

Here’s the article:
I wouldn’t do anything unless you actually have reduced battery life under 10.8.

I use dozens of apps that are crucial to my job, and so far there hasn’t been a hiccup. I rather like Mt. Lion. The iOS/Notification Center integration is really nice plus there seems to be a bunch of small, but nice touches here and there.

I’m another person who loves mountain lion I think it’s terrific and I use the dictation feature all the time so far it has yet to misspell a word and it even seems to recognize slang words fairly easily that’s it I highly recommend it in fact this whole post was dictated using my microphone and the OS X dictation feature

How many more can they make?

My upgrade was very smooth too. I was coming from Snow Leopard Server, even though I don’t need or want the server extensions, so I thought I was going to have to do a hard drive wipe and clean install, but no. It upgraded itself without any problems.

I think they’ll have to find a non-feline name after this one. They still have cougar left, but that’s the same thing as a mountain lion, and a puma for that matter. Ocelot or maybe serval (which Randal missed) are outside possibilities.

Actually, Puma was already used - it was 10.1

10.0 - Cheetah
10.1 - Puma
10.2 - Jaguar
10.3 - Panther
10.4 - Tiger
10.5 - Leopard
10.6 - Snow Leopard
10.7 - Lion
10.8 - Mountain Lion

Next release name.



I’m voting for Siamese.



If I were in charge of naming operating systems at Apple, I would put an end to the felines with 10.9, and then start a new system with version 11 (are they going to rename it to OS XI ? This is a problem, because the X stood for 10 but also indicated that it was UNIX)

OS X is enough of a brand where I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep it.

Yes, I agree that OS X is an established brand name.
Much the same as Pentium was.

Think what we would have been calling the next generation.

Smilodon is the only way to go for OS 10.10