Mac OS 9 installation

I went and did a silly thing…

I initiated installation of Mac OS 9 to replace OS 6.1.2 my MacBook Pro was running. It was free, so why not? It took a long time for it do download from the app store. I thought I cancelled it, having hit esc, but it popped up when I had it. Not thinking things through, I clicked the button to install it – not realising it would take a couple of hours.

It’s been saying ‘Completing installation… Less than a minute remaining’ for almost half an hour now.

Am I screwed? Do I just let this thing run? (I have to take off for a few hours.) What happens if I do a hard reboot?

Never mind. I should have known that as soon as I asked, it would finish.

Mods, please close this thread. Thanks.

I would just let it run. I’ve certainly seen instances of Mac “minutes” stretching into considerably more.

Aborting the whole thing would probably not be a good idea. I would let several hours go by before doing this.
I have to confess to be slightly amazed that:

  1. OS 9, which lasted only a couple of years or so beyond the introduction of OS X in 2001, is available as a free download, and

  2. Anyone is still running OS 6, which got its last update in early 1992, on any computer in the world.
    Unless you’re just funnin’ us!

Sorry, I meant OS X version 9.

More reason to close the thread. :smack:

OK, makes sense now. You were going from OS 10.6 to OS 10.9.

To be fair, if I had given it a bit of thought, I might have figured that out as a much more plausible scenario.

Glad everything is OK. Good luck with Mavericks. I’m not getting anywhere near to it until they work out more of the bugs.

Another tip…if you use the iWork Suite at all (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), DO NOT upgrade to the latest versions of those apps.

The newer versions have been crippled to make them compatible with the iOS versions. More than 100 capabilities that existed in the old Pages have been taken away in the new version. Furthermore, once you open a document created in the old version in the new, you’ll be unable to open it in the old version ever again. And anything you created in that document that used the stripped away capabilities will be lost to you.

As a lifelong Mac user, I too was amazed by the OP.

My earliest memories of an OS are on Mac OS9 (and fond ones they are!), and judging from the timeline of things I used OS8 a bit when I was even younger still… But that was a long time ago.

DinoPark Tycoon, anyone?

I bought my first Mac, an SE30 used, that had OS 6.x installed. When I went to CompUSA to check out what computer supplies there were, I was very surprised they offered me a free update to 6.xx. I remember OS 7 was a big deal when it came out. My current MacBook Pro is running 10.6.8, but I do have Mavericks installed on a partition and this reminds me that I have to reboot and explore a little further soon.

Onward and Upward!

I love the idea of updating a MacBook Pro from System 6 to MacOS 9 though :slight_smile:

Watch out for those non-32-bit clean applications that won’t run any more. Or the ones that aren’t compatible with MultiFinder.

I use three partitions. Tiger, Snow Leopard and Mavericks because of some applications I use. Actually not using Mavericks yet though, besides checking it out for an hour or so.

That’s all? Mine took something like overnight.

If Mac OS 9 were free, that would be awesome for being able to run some old programs. Mac OS 7.5 is free, and maybe up to 8.1, but there are programs designed for Mac OS 9 that cannot be run on modern Macs. Having Mac OS 9 in an emulator would be cool. I’m sure AHunter would have loved it, since he likes his older Mac programs.

Google “Chubby Bunny” and “Sheepshaver.”

I’m sure you’re giving good information, but TBH, I worry what I’ll find if I google those phrases. Especially at work. :smiley:

Or maybe my mind is actually filthier than the Internet. But I have my doubts. Rule 34 and all.

I was under the impression that you needed to own a legit copy of OS 9 to use that legally. That’s precisely why I was saying it would be awesome if OS 9 were free.

Then again, Windows 3.1 isn’t technically free, but no one in the emulation community seems to care about that, either. I keep my copy based on the fact that I owned a Windows 3.1 computer and thus have a license.