Mac OS question - displaying numbers

On my old Macs there was a control panel I could use to change the character used for decimal points and the “thousands” comma. I see a window on my new one that lets me change date and time formats and choose a currency. It shows me a bunch of number formats, but I don’t see an option to actually change them. Any thoughts?

Yes, it seems you’d need to choose a Country that matched the format you wanted. There may be an under-the-covers way of doing it, you could ask on a Mac-specific forum.

Rats. I prefer to use a decimal point that isn’t actually part of any of the available country formats.

Maybe this will help:

Purely out of curiosity, what and why? If you don’t mind sharing.

I like to use the raised dot for the decimal point. It reminds me of the ancient arithmetic book my dad made me work through when I was a kid, which used the raised dot. It also spelled “show” as “shew.”

10.5: Set custom number and currency formats