mac osx ibook- webcams and iTunes help!

So I have found myself appointed the role of (and I have absolutely NO idea why) “All Powerful Answer Man” by my sister for all of her computer problems… My problem is that I havn’t used a mac in over 4 years- so here’s my question if anyone would be so kind as to help me out with some ideas.

first: She’s using iTunes to burn cds, and for some reason as she’s going through it, the program shuffles all the tracks so it totally ruins the order she wants them to be in when she burns it. She lives 500 miles away from me, so I have to take her word for it, but she swears that “shuffle is turned off” so… any ideas on how to make it keep them in order?
second: Everyone she knows has a webcam and they all chat with eachother on them, and she wants to be in the club. All the research I’ve done has led me to believe this is not a very easy thing to do with her computer/os. Am I wrong? Is there a sneaky way to make it work? Hopefully a fairly inexpensive way as if it works, this would be a perfect christmas present :slight_smile:

Anyways, any help would be fantastic!

I happened upon your post while searching for opinions on the best webcams for Macs. It should be very easy for your sister to use a webcam with her iBook.

If her model is fairly new then she probably has both USB and Firewire ports. The latter will allow better quality images to be sent, but USB-based webcams are generally cheaper. Orange Micro, Logitech, ADS Technologies all make webcams for Macs–Logitech only has USB ones. Older Ibooks only have USB ports but that works too.

If your sister already has a digital video recorder with a Firewire (1394 port) jack, then she needn’t purchase anything else.

Drivers for the computer are out there, but if your sister is running Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) then everything is built into the system.

One idea on the “shuffling” thing: Make sure, before you start arranging songs, that the leftmost column of the song list (the track numbers) is the one that’s highlighted. The order you get when you click, say, “Genre” is not necessarily the same order you get when you click the track number column. And the track number column is what it goes by when it’s burning.

Sweet, thanks for the help! Deffinitely the most useful information I’ve gotten on either problem anywhere on the web in the last 2 weeks.