Mac people - Heeeelp an Elly!

Cookies and a box of goodies sent by snail mail to whomever can help me with this!

I’m having some networking trouble.

Here’s the setup:

2 macs, one ADSL connection.

1 mac acting as the router.

second mac unable to connect to Internet. Was, at one point in the whole setup, but then started crashing left right and centre, claiming to have some bus errors, and refusing to reboot with extensions. Wiped the TCP/IP prefs, started again, same issue… GAH!


Anybody know anything about Mac networks?


I don’t know much about Mac networks, but I have lots of Mac books. And some good Mac links: (OK, one good Mac link—for now.)

I’d like to ask, which Mac OS are you using? OS X is much better for networking than OS 9X (and previous OSes). So I hear, anyway.

To me it sounds more like an extensions conflict. Something went buggy with the set up and corrupted an extension file. Do the great extension hunt. Start up while holding the space bar, until the extension manager comes up. Turn half off, if it starts up fine, you know which half (alphabetically) the bad extension is in. Keep on narrowing it down until you have found the culprit.

What exactly do you mean by “one Mac acting as the router”? I’d like some more info.

You could try these : Make sure everything is backed up - no warranty provided etc.

Look at which icon the machine crashes on bootup, the one that normally comes after that is probably the culprit, remove it &/ delete the prefs.

If it’s appletalk or similar:
Go to system prefrences and delete (or move to desktop if you wish) the appleshare prep and appletalk prefs files.
Reboot - the machine should recreate them, then enter your original appletalk/tcp-ip settings.

If it doesn’t work you can put the old ones back and return to your old settings.

NurseCarmen’s advice should work but if it won’t boot with extensions, try copying the entire prefs directory to the desktop and make a duplicate, reboot and let it recreate the ones it needs, colour them, copy them to the old prefs folder. Reboot without extensions and copy back the contents of the prefs folder (there will be some it can’t do, like finder prefs, don’t copy those) so all the essential prefs are new and all the other settings will be the same. Reboot - check the settings of all the programs relevant to the coloured prefs and set them back to what you need (ip, appletalk over etheret or whatever)

btw, I didn’t do this while typing so if I’m wrong and someone knows where - post!

more info needed. OS version? Type of mac? My guess is it’s most likely an extension conflict.

How are you configuring the TCP/IP settings? and, respectively? Are you using a hub?

MacOS 9, or X?

What’s the chance of selling off and getting PC equipment? Just an offhand question.

I was gonna post this as a joke. Silly me for thinking I wouldn’t be beaten by the real thing. You did word it better than most, Monkey, I will give you that.