Mac Users billing software for Law Firm

Hello, I am looking for the best billing software for a medium sized law firm. Anyone have any experience, good or bad?


Well, Timeslips, which I’d normally suggest, isn’t making a Mac version anymore. What about Quickbooks, especially if you’re going to combine it with the rest of your financial bookkeeping? It’s a good program for the PC, but I don’t know how the Mac version is. I’ve heard it has reduced functionality compared to the PC version.

I’ve found this website, and some of the programs here might be worth checking out:

Check this out:
It’s specifically designed for Lawyers. He is a member of our Mac users group, and gave a demo on it a few months ago.

We have PCs here, so I don’t know if this will be any help to you, but our company uses ADERANT Expert:

If you absolutely need to run a Windows program, and you only have newish Macs…

Modern Intel-based Macs can dual-boot Windows: when you start the machine, you get to choose which operating system you will use. You can also run Windows inside a ‘virtual machine’ through Parallels or Fusion (two competing virtual-machine apps). Both Parallels and Fusion give you the choice of displaying Windows programs against the Mac desktop, and you can cut and paste from one to the other seamlessly.