My Mac Mini got infected with the VMAIN.CLASS java exploit which stole my facebook and MySpace accounts. I still cannot get back my facebook account as the trojan/worm/virus will not let me complete the forms on facebook to have my account password reset sent to me in email.

I cannot find any information on the web about this on a Mac, and the people in the Mac forums just laugh me off saying that it’s not possible for my Mac to get this thing, which is quite plainly untrue since I have it and I cannot get rid of it. It defeats any utility or antivirus program I use to try and get at it, including Onyx, which just locks up when I run it.

Is there any way at all to get at this bug and get it out of my Mac?



What OS / version of Java are you running?

Had you updated your system recently? Is your Mac Mini PPC or Intel? Can you log in from another computer?

Doing a bit of searching around, it looks like this trojan affects older versions of Java. Can you Software Update to a newer version?