Mac vs PC vs iPhone vs Console vs Ford vs BMW vs

I can’t help but fall into the old ‘X rocks and Y sucks’ conversation.

And yet, today I had an epiphany. Most of these arguements occur because you don’t have enough money to buy both.

I got a Wii the day they became available…the Xbox 360 18-24 months later, and the PS3 for Xmas.

Which one is best is kinda moot at that point.

PC games are better? Hmph, bought the Hottest Video card of 2006 in 2008 for $115. I can play Crysis pretty well.

iPhone or Droid? Well, I don’t care to have two phone packages, so I’ll just stick with my iPhone for now, but some day, they’ll be free on contract. It’s just gonna happen.

It seems the whole Mine is better than yours is more a factor of MONEY than whether or not one thing really is better or worse.

So…is that wisdom for the ages, or am I sorely misled?

Makes sense, on the shooting sports forums I hang out on, the similar discussions are;

<caliber> vs. <caliber> I.E. 9mm Vs. .45ACP
<firearm brand A> Vs. <firearm brand B> (Glock Vs. Springfield XD), 1911 Vs. double-stackers, single action Vs. double action, revolver Vs. semiauto, Ruger 10/22 Vs. Marlin 60… ad infinitum

most of the debaters have only one of the two devices being debated over, and defend their choice rabidly, to the point of deriding the owners of the other device, owners of both devices try to smooth over the ruffled feathers of both sides by sharing their experience that both are good, just different

personally, my views of the above examples are;
9mm Vs. .45 ACP? I shot ‘em both, both do their jobs well, I just shoot .45 better, but there’s nothin’ wrong with 9mm either, it’s personal preference
Glock Vs. 1911? shot 'em both, owned 'em both, still own the 1911, jut fits my hand better, again, personal preference
Single Action Vs. Double Action? shot both styles, prefer the crisp feel of a good SA trigger, again, both good choices
Revolver Vs. Semi? I own both and love both, answer, both
10/22 Vs Model 60? (both stock), shot both, prefer the Model 60, better trigger, more accurate barrel, tube feed means no mags to lose, and holds 14 or 18 shots (depending on barrel length)

so yes, the whole conflict deems based on the inability to “buy both”

Well, you jogged loose a memory. I’ve been involved in:

Turbo vs. Supercharged vs Normally Aspirated

Honestly, I have (more than) one of each. I’m not rich, I just end up buying a car, then NOT SELLING IT when I buy the next car. The Normally Aspirated car is 15 years old, the Supercharged car is 10 years old, and the Turbo car is now 5 years old.

Man there’s been a TON of words spent on those HP decisions over the years. Owning all of them, the differences aren’t that great and aren’t that important. Heck, I can debate Small Block vs. Big Block too. Or Stock vs. Modded…or 'merican vs. Import, or Big displacement vs. 4 banger.

I guess it passes the time.

It’s the same old same old. While power/capabilities/performance/whatever have always been part of the argument, what it’s really been about is defense of your personal tastes, your choices in machinery, and to whatever degree you allow those choices to define you, yourself. You’ve invested $X in Y and by God nobody is going to tell you that you made the wrong choice because you invested time in researching your choice and as far as you’re concerned you made the best choice. Anyone who says differently is deluded.

I used to be part of the partisan wars back in the 8 and 16-bit days and defended my choice of computers with vigor. Oddly, when the blackboxed computer era died and I was forced to move on to the PC, my biases all disappeared and I learned to appreciate all of those older computers in ways I never could before, which in turn has made me pretty blase’ about the current Mac vs. PC debates. I actually happen to own both (though the Mac is a fairly recent addition and was bought for a specific purpose) and I think they both have their advantages and disadvantages. I just don’t see the need to say one is better than the other as these days it ends up being a zero sum game and staunchly taking a side just makes you look a bit douchey.