Machinima? Anyone know about this film-video technology sub-culture? Anyone doing it?

I read about this techo oddness in the link below. I like to think I know about most of the sub-cultures but this weirdness blind sided me.

Lights, camera, and… Machinima!

I’ve gotten a couple press releases about some big film festival they’re having in New York, I know a teensy bit about it.

I used to be in the mod-making scene for a couple games: Sin and FAKK2. Those games had very powerful scripting languages, probably more powerful than any other games at the time, so they were fairly popular with machinima back then.

I never got involved in making anything, although one group asked me to help out once.

Theres a group which did the 1st 5 minutes of the Matrix inside of Halo. Pretty amazing stuff.

Does the Poser art community count?

The quote in the OP makes machinima sound, well, WEIRD. But it’s really not. As far as I can tell, the best examples of this would be funny if they were just a written script, but are downright hilarious as “filmed.”

For more info on one of the most popular series, visit . Anyone who knows anything about the videogame HALO will absolutely love this series. It follows the adventures of two sets of soldiers fighting a war, stuck on some forsaken planet in the middle of nowhere. The characters begin as cardboard cut-outs and slowly develop through 19 episodes. I’d guess there is about an hour of footage.

Machinima is such an odd term, when something like “gamefilm” would have served much better. There are also quite a few Flash animations based on videogames that are quite amusing as well. There may be some subtle difference between machinima and Flash (such as using the native game to film the material) but they are funtionally the same. Try a Google search for “Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom” Parts 1 and 2 for a different take on the Super Mario Bros. universe.


I’ve seen this a lot in massively multiplayer online games. I’ve seen some awesome movies made within Planetside with dozens of ‘actors’ on each side. Despite being in a virtual world, people skills are needed for direction of the players as they are being acted out in realtime, not scripted and coded.

There was a beautiful one done with Battlefield 1942 called ‘Hero’. It was amazing what they managed to do with the un-modded game.