Macintosh and photos

I can’t mail my photos from the Mac laptop to the world. They are sent out as .mime image, and can’t be opened unless you have a Mac.

I just tried opening one, and exporting it to the desktop, taking care to save it as a .jpeg file.

Didnt’ work. Any thoughts? I cannot believe I can’t send a photo to people…unless they’re Mac Heads.


Actually, if I remember correctly, a MIME extension is not a photo extension, it’s an e-mail extension. So just changing the extension won’t work.

Are you trying to mail your pictures using plain text mode? Try HTML mode.

Then again, I’m on a PC. Macs may vary.

What version of Mac OS are you running and what email app are you using?

You should be able to send and receive images to/from anyone, no matter what platform.

Here - look at this.

I was JUST talking to someone else who was having this same problem, not a half hour ago. By any chance, are the people you’re sending these files to on AOL? As I remember, the AOL software is notorious for not being able to handle MIME files, for some reason.

** Ding Ding Ding Ding !!! **

Anamorphic scores a hit. Both recipients who have commented on problems are AOL subscribers. I’m using Outlook Express for Mac.

Here, Anamorphic, have a 28mm “E” Series prime on me. :wink:



I would have thought most Mac users would be using Mail by now…

MacMail ?? Whyever would I do that?

Outlook works just fine. Never drops an e-mail, always delivahs.

Awesome. And, I don’t have to become :eek:

I forgot about this thread, so I’m only just seeing this now. It’s not too late to collect on that lens, is it? :smiley:

Yep. So sorry.


( Offers a 1967 CP 12-120 zoom as replacement… )

Not the .Mac webmail, the Mail program, a client like Outlook, which is included with OSX. It’s superb. Faboo filtering. And it’s from Apple. In other words, it’s not ported stuff from Microsoft that’s no longer being supported.