Macy's Parade - - Thanksgiving

Hope everyone is gearing up for a joyful Thanksgiving.

I have ribeyes marinating. We’ll grill them at 1:30.
Baked Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli and of course baked rolls. We use the frozen dough fresh from Kroger.

What are you planning for dinner?

Macy Parade is starting
Tom Turkey
Jolly Green Giant

New York is enjoying perfect weather that’s drawn a big crowd. Light jackets are all that’s needed. I haven’t noticed any wind. The balloon handlers are having a easy day.

Snoopy, Sponge Bob, and Sonic have gone by. My Holiday is complete. :wink:

I don’t recognize most of the modern balloons & Floats. They’re based on pop culture that I’ve never experienced. I do recognize Grogu from the Mandalorian.

BTW there are live, street level feeds on YouTube. It’s just like your right there in the crowd. No stupid talk and celebrity interviews like the network coverage.

Bart chimes in:

:musical_note: Mom, it’s broken. Mom, it’s broken! :notes:

Damn, i should look for them next year.

I watched CBS. Never has there been a more wretched hive of idiocy and inanity. And missed balloons.

It’s been many years since I last watched because of that.

I like Tiptoe.

NBC’s coverage of it is just as bad, if not worse. They barely show the parade, and it’s just an excuse for advertising the networks’ programs.

My wife was very annoyed this morning – she loves watching parades, but gave up on the Macy’s parade years ago, because of the above. She has usually watched coverage of the Chicago Thanksgiving parade (which had been on, I think, WGN in past years), but when she started looking around for it this morning, she couldn’t find it – she went online, and discovered that it was only being carried by some low-powered over-the-air station in the western suburbs. The only way to watch it was either with an OTA antenna, or on Roku (which we do not have).

The CBS announcers looked like a guy from 1945 with Melania Trump.

I watched the repeat at 9 am PST. It was weird how they showed some of the missed balloons that were before balloons they had shown before (like Baby Yoda). I don’t recall that in previous years.

The female dingbat (as opposed to the male one) had one of my favorite pieces of innumeracy ever. They showed an 80-year old woman from the Bay Area who had the parade on her bucket list, which was cool. Then the announcer said that this woman was 15 when the parade started 95 years ago.

Annie Live. I guess I’ll watch it (Thursday December 2 at 7:00, check local listings), and it’s nice to see that diversity casting is here to stay. But the one burning question remains unchanged…is there a demand for this in 2021? From what I heard the most recent movie tanked pretty badly, and other nostalgia properties (most notably The Lone Ranger) weren’t any better.

Moulin Rouge - The Musical. So they did a mashup of a bunch of songs spanning a startlingly long time period which frankly sound weird together, in the vein of the Material World video, which is the apparently the only thing the Macy’s crew know Madonna ever did. Not a fan of this, of course, but it’s comforting to know that it’s possible to go on the street in a slinky leotard and nobody thinks this is a big deal. (Seriously, this any good?)

Six. Let me get this straight…there’s an entire Broadway show based on the fact that Henry the 8th’s #1 and #4 wives and also #2 and #5 wives met the same dismal fate, whereas #3 and #6’s sound kinda similar? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: That’s like a play about “Sea-ttle Sea-hawks” or “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers”. I dunno…

Erm…does a concept like “canned vegetables” really require inspirational music? I mean, it’s healthy food that stays fresh indefinitely until you’re ready to eat it. That should be able to stand on its own.

Seeing first nations people on television always reminds me of how I never see first nations people on television. :slightly_frowning_face:

Someone refresh my memory…is the NYPD…y’know…good? There have been so many police brutality and overreach and absolutely terrifying crap stories over the past few years that I’ve completely lost track of which departments aren’t fragged up.

Spanish dancers. Okay, very graceful, excellent coordination, nice energy, but I gotta ask…what’s the deal with wearing a skirt and pants? It was my understanding that if you want to be a female dancer, figure skater, ballerina, cheerleader, etc., there are certain conventions of the artform that you just have to accept, and “not going into tiresome anime heroine mode about upskirt shots” is one of them.

Those cheerleaders get to keep those uniforms, right? It’d be terrible if they only get to wear it for one day and then never again. Not as bad as a wedding dress, but close.

I Want To Know What Love Is is an 80’s pop schmaltz number that doesn’t trigger me or fill me with intense loathing, so thumbs up to the Macy’s crew for their good taste. :slightly_smiling_face: (Wish I could’ve heard the whole thing, though. Maybe it’s just an NBC thing, but the whole parade seemed to happen really fast, even taking commercial breaks into account.)

Kim Petras. Never heard of her, but it’s comforting to know that trends come and go, great visionaries often arrive too late or die too soon, but pop schmaltz will never be a micron better or worse than it always is. :wink:

That Bayou dance is by far the corniest thing I’ve seen on television all year, but dangit, when they’re having that much fun, I can’t get critical. Shoot, I got more joy out of that one little clip then the entire damn season 30 of Dancing With The Stars.

“Popular” is not a word that should be connected to anyone involved in freaking professional bowling, male or female.

Aespa! Along with BTS, that’s two K-pop groups I’ve heard of from something other than an arcade game! :man_shrugging: Hey, fine by me, diversity’s good, but eventually I want mainstream American culture to start digging into the history. The Seo Taijis, the Clons, the Novasonics, the SESes. Lots of great music to be had.

I’m…a bit stunned that Peanuts is still a thing more than two decades after Charles Schultz’s death. I get that some things are irreplaceable, but sometimes you just gotta do your best. (I hear the Chicago Bulls are pretty good this season!)

NELLY! :grin: Something something song about demanding undressing something something Dancing With The Stars! :+1:

Peacock, a.k.a. We’re Freaking Charging For American Ninja Warrior Junior Now! :angry: (Yeah, bit raw over that…)

Toys R Us is now a subsidiary of Macy’s? Wow. The way and the reason this institution got shut down completely, totally, royally sucked (concise recap here), a sadly typical example of the vilest excesses of capitalism writ large. For it to exist again in any form is just plain nice. Not sure if it’s viable, but if “massive kid store” doesn’t deserve another shot, nothing does.

Phew…DVR not in a happy mood. This was a slog, even fast forwarding past all the commercials. Will definitely be looking for this on YouTube from now on.

It looks like the TRU brand is now owned by a holding company, WHP Global, which is doing a co-operative partnership with Macy’s this year.

You realize Moulin Rouge was a movie, right? Not the weirdest transfer of a movie to the stage.
Six was supposed to open just before the Pandemic hit. Good that they survived. I’ve heard some of the songs on the Sirius Broadway Channel, and they sound good. As for the historicity - you understand that Hamilton, Burr, Washington and Jefferson didn’t do rap and weren’t people of color, right?

I don’t give a rancid turkey giblet about historicity. I just find it super weird that someone decided to turn “Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, SURVIVED!” (the only time I ever saw this was in a Why Things Are column, BTW) into an entire Broadway play. Before this parade I thought a 30-second Family Guy gag would’ve been generous.

There’s a studio cast recording on YouTube. Eh…it’s no Jesus Christ Superstar, but if you’re into En Vogue-style sisterly militant affirmation, it’s worth a listen.

Never go see Starlight Express (a train on roller skates) or that obscure musical about TS Eliot’s cat poems. :grinning:
Six is not even close to the dumbest musical concept I know of.

For those who can make it to NYC for Thanksgiving morning, it’s soooo much better to see it in person than to watch it on TV. Kind of like seeing fireworks live vs. watching them on TV; not even close to as good.

Perhaps but TV cameras can’t really leave the vicinity of Herald Square and they need to fill up time while waiting for the parade to get there. Sure, sometimes NBC shows a remote shot of Al Roker or somebody but that’s with handheld cameras.