Mad cow! Mad cow! Run away!!

And now, following shortly on the heels of my condition orange thread, I bring you the MAD COW paranoia thread.

Yes, folks, the dread disease that decimated England, depopulated Ireland and caused all Scots to leap into the maelstrom to escape it has finally descended upon us.

Whatever shall we do? I’m feeling a bit over the edge, I can tell you…

** Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that double whammyburger at lunch?**

Oops…should have linked to the article instead of the site.

Well, that’ll be the beef barons pissed off …

See, now - times like this I am grateful that I’m a vegetarian. :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s the work of the terrorists

eepy. i’m having a barbecue today, you don’t suppose it’s gotten to australia? now im all eepy.

I just hope the cows I sent to sale today were bought before the news hit.

Now, that’s spooky, Chavardz - I was thinking the exact same thing!

daniza, you’re probably safe…or not.

Ah, distinctly I remember, it was in the bleak December; And each separate dying ember…

Well, those of us who are vegetarians on the SDMB wish the same, assuming their death is less painful. Thanks for posting!

Geez, Chefguy, are you setting up as the SDMB Cassandra? Such a ray of sunshine you are, in these dark days. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder just what’s in those sausages I had for supper last night… :eek:

I hope the U.S. beefmarket suffers enormous losses and goes plain downhill raising the price of a McDonald’s hamburger to over $2.00 which will in turn prevent the fat ass’s of America from eating them which in turn will drive them to Subway which in turn will drop 3.5 BILLION dollars of obesity related health problems.

Oh and the only serious part, is the American beef market collapsing.
Sorry for not helping with your war, but when you act all in shock when WE discover and publicly notifty 1 CASE of BSE, while your testing methods are nothing short of DISPICABLE, and you discover 1 case and say “oh it’s nothing really”.

Well, enough ranting only time will. :smiley:

Ok @ not being able to edit your own post. LAME

“only time will TELL

Is/was there general confusion in the States between BSE and the foot and mouth outbreak? They’re not the same think y’know.

You should be OK unless there’s brain or spinal-cord bits in your burger. You do know what goes into burgers?

One cow to another: hey dude, did you know there are mad cows in the USA ?
Other cow: I am Napoleon and don’t bother me with your nonsens…

That’s thing dammit.

Me too, Blonde! I’m feeling despicably smug today.

Now I just have to remember to ask for an extra helping of Mad Cow on my burger today…

It’s a personal death wish I guess, after the local Hepatitus outbreak, I was sure to ask for extra hepatitus on all my food. No real reason, just to poke fun at the “Oh my god! Hepatitus! Run Away, Run Away!” people.

That’s hilarious!

They’ve found ONE cow, folks! ONE freaking cow. Even with the number of cases uncovered in the UK, and the case in Canada, unless we’ve all been mislead, those countries weren’t wiped out by it. The panic the media tries to instill is the real disease.

I’ll be in line right behind modro.
“I’ll have my burger with no MSG, but extra BSE, please.” :smiley:

To all the smug vegetarians out there, I have only this to say:

Mexican Onions! Run away! Run away!

I hope you get Mad Carrot Disease. :stuck_out_tongue: